Computer Solutions for the Businesses and Homes of Panama City, Florida.

Omni Digital is a Data First company where we strive to protect
your data during critical systems failures.

We Specialize in: Computer Repair, Virus Removal,
Malicious Software Removal, Data Back-Up, Data Recovery,
Data Protection, Custom Computers for Businesses and Homes,
and Other Digital Services.

If you or your company are experiencing
computer problems, be assured that
Omni Digital will provide the best service in
Bay County, Florida to restore your systems to working order.


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Protect your Computers.

Let Omni Digital Setup a backup solution, that protects your data from today's ransomware and other malicious threats.

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Omni Digital Specializes in Custom Computers

Custom_Computers_2013.pngBusiness Computers : Built to quickly accomplish today's work loads. Whether it be QuickBooks, Proprietary Cloud Applications, and/or Local Database driven Applications, Omni Digital Computers delivers performance that ensures the job is done.

2012_Gaming_Computer.pngGaming Computers : Built to provide the best Gaming experience you can find on a PC. Omni Digital Computers are configured with the latest gaming hardware. These machines are built with the latest technology to ensure they are ready for next generation games while delivering what we believe is the best gaming experience in the industry.



custom_computer_for_home.pngHome Computers : Built for seamless home use. These Omni Digital Computers are for users who want a computer that allows them to enjoy their daily computer experiences. Whether it is email, Facebook, photographs, paying bills or streaming video, our home computers will excel in delivering the best experience in home computing.


Last, but not least, Omni Digital Computers feature a 3 year hardware warranty, free setup, and delivery. Omni Digital strives to deliver the very best in personal computing.


Omni Digital Free Computer Project

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Currently there are no free computers available at this time.


We advertise FREE computers in the following ways:

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On Panama City Freecycle
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