Why Buy an Omni Digital Custom Computer?

Are you frustrated with slow, unreliable computers that often interrupt your work flow, decrease productivity, and cause stress? Then a custom computer from Omni Digital will be a breath of fresh air.

 Our computers are built for performance using this year's latest technology. Unlike other store bought computers, an Omni Digital computer actually features the most current components.

Did you know that purchasing a store bought computer actually places you at risk of buying the exact same technology you are trying to replace?

Don't let this happen to you!


Omni Digital Computers are built with quality components which enables us to offer a 3-year warranty on our Internal_back_up_system.jpgcomputer components.  Common issues such as hard drives failure, power supply failure, and memory failures are covered under our 3-year warranty.  Omni Digital will replace the failed component on site.

When purchasing an Omni Digital Computer, you receive Panama City Florida's best-in-class support for your computer needs. Many others try to compete, but they often fall short in delivering a similar product.

  Beware of cheaper machines made with older technology, sub-standard parts or only 1-year warranties.  While these machines may initially be less expensive, they end up costing you more money in repairs, lost productivity, stress and wasted time.  Let Omni Digital provide computers for your office, home or gaming needs and escape the hassle of sub-standard computing.


 custom_computers.pngOmni Digital Computers, Ahead of the curve.

we are sure you have experienced computers that are behind the "software curve" either at work or at home these machines take forever to do anything. From booting up, to loading web pages, or being last to load in multiplayer games these machines waste your time and frustrate you.

More than likely these machines were configured with a processor and memory that are barely enough to run yesteryear's applications,  much less today's memory and processor intensive programs. Omni Digital computers are built with the anticipation of next generation software requirements. Our machines always have enough memory for future applications and operating systems. Our business machines remain viable for over 5 years  Our gaming machines play modern and next generation games with ease. We still have home users using our machines from 10 years ago  because our machines are built to run software not just from today but from tomorrow as well.