The Omni Digital Free computer project is a experimental program

designed to give older computers away for free to Panama City, Bay County Florida residents.

So whats the catch ?


They are older donated machines giving to us by our customers who do not want to throw them away. They want these machines to go to people who have a need for a free computer.

Also we do not spend any money on fixing these machines. (that is why they are free) Thus meaning the hard drive, power supply, or motherboard have a high probability for failure.

Omni Digital does wipe each hard drive and completes a full drive test to ensure the drive passes diagnostics. We also restore the machine to its keyed operating system, fully update it, run a stress test, and determine if it is suitable for use.

Many of these free computers are similar to those you find in a used computers store selling for $150.00 to 300.00 dollars or more .

However, there is no keyboard, mouse, or monitor included with these free computers. They are just the tower only. Also these free computers are AS-IS no warranty. (but at least you dont have to worry about a restocking fee .)

So how do you get one ?

Watch our web page OmniDigital for announcements regarding the availability of a free computer.

Watch panama city freecycle for announcements.

Watch our facebook page We will announce on 1 of these resources when there is a free computer available.

Machines are only available when they are announced, we do not have a inventory of free computers .

Of course there are rules.

Absolutely No resellers. (reselling is not in the spirit of the program please respect our customer's wishes)

No repeats ( let others benefit from this program.)

We will Not Hold these machines for any length of time. (when a free computer is announced it is first come first serve)